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Save The Dates!

Once again this year Critter Crusaders will be hosting the Kernel’s Bark In The Park Nights on April 30, May 21, June 26, July 24 and August 28 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium! Proceeds from all dog ticket sales will benefit Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids!

Window to a New World

As Lilly Rose and her adopted brother Swayze share a peaceful moment together, we are reminded how worthwhile it is to save these lives.  Without the intervention of CC, neither of these dogs would be here. Swayze was struck and almost killed by a car on Oct. 13th.  He spent days in critical care and underwent two surgeries.  His sidekick on the bench next to him, Lilly Rose, came to CC several years ago with Tetrology of Fallot, (TOF), a fatal heart condition. Pups usually die before their first birthday.  Lilly is now 7 years old and remains one of the few dogs worldwide to survive this disorder.  Lilly has had two surgeries at Colorado State Vet Teaching Hospital with their tremendous cardiologists and thoracic surgeons.  She returned to CSU in December for a check up, and it is full steam ahead for our miracle girl. The information CSU has gathered on her is extremely important to other pets with this condition.
So look out that window Lilly Rose and Swayze….it is a fine world out there….you are here because people cared….no one gave up on you. No one ever will.  We are on this journey together, side by side.❤️🐾

Puppy Mill No More!

Freya was recently released from one of Iowa’s many notorious puppy mills. Critter Crusaders has been in charge of her medical care and the great advocates of Jasper County Animal Rescue League have this Corgi girl in their system. Foster momma Terrah with JCARL reports that Freya is doing very well and adjusting to a life of freedom. We are treating Freya for a broken maxilla (upper jaw) and she is adapting to her soft muzzle that aligns the bones for proper healing. Once Freya is healed, she will undergo dental surgery to remove multiple broken teeth and their roots. This little survivor deserves all of our love and respect.

Amazing Gracie!

A diagnosis of cancer doesn’t stop Gracie from living her new found good life with Critter Crusader member Sue Hartung! Gracie will be headed back to UW to start her treatment for bladder cancer. In the interim, she is living large and with a TON of love! As all animals should! Merry Christmas sweet Gracie girl!


Norma is a new case through Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue and she is estimated to be 6 years old. Her face is one we can’t erase from our hearts and her plight speaks to us. We feel the need to do whatever we can to make her whole again.  She is a haunting reminder of why we do this work and we sometimes step off a cliff into the unknown as we tackle medical issues.

Norma is at IVRC Specialty Clinic in Des Moines. She is strong heart worm positive.  She also has the largest oral fistula (hole) in her upper palate that IVRC has ever seen.  This is a pathway for aspiration pneumonia and massive infection. Further tests will help determine if it’s from dental disease, a neoplastic disease or injury. As we formulate a treatment plan for her we need to be sure her heart can withstand anesthesia due to the worm infestation. Attempting to close it will take multiple surgeries and the failure rate can be daunting. Our hope is that we can start the surgical process and then begin to treat the heart worms. Her body will dictate how we proceed.

It is important for everyone to understand that dogs and cats have a very profound and intact will to survive.  If we were to ask if they prefer euthanasia, or have the chance to return to a better, healthier life, we know exactly what they would say.  CC has hundreds of happy, healthy alumni!  So onward we go down a long and bumpy road with Norma.  Although her body condition is extremely poor, the staff at IVRC talks about how incredibly sweet and grateful she is.  Her tail wags constantly and she is no doubt more comfortable now than she has been in a very long time.

Summer is a very slack time of year for donations, so two of our board members are donating to her medical bills right now. We always manage our donated funds with the utmost care and respect for our wonderful donors, supporters and well-wishers.  We will be asking for your help as Norma will be a very big case.  For now we ask for your help in sharing her story and look forward to the difference we can make in her life.
Posted 8/15/18


Hippa Hooray for Pippa!

CC has a new kitty in our system! Pippa was surrendered to the Tiffin Pet Health Center with a gnarly avulsion of her leg. The great doctors and staff there called us for help and little Pippa is now under CC’s medical care with SAINTS Rescue!

She had surgery at Frey Pet Hospital to close the gaping wound. She is doing great and should have her sutures out in a couple of weeks.

After that Pippa will hopefully be well enough for adoption! Such a pretty Torti girl!

A Good Day to be Blue

Little Blue is doing great! He’s been in our medical system for a couple of weeks and has had surgery to repair a tib/fib fracture of rear leg! Blue is with our great friends at Dogs Forever and we are grateful for the opportunity to help him!

Thanks always goes out to our donors who allow us to do this important work!

2018 Record Breaking Year

2018 has been a record breaking year for CC and we are busier than ever during this holiday season. On December 8th, we received and emergency call from Jasper County Animal Rescue League. A mill breeder is shutting down and are dispersing several dogs to rescues throughout Iowa. We will be assisting a little female Corgi with significant medical needs. We don’t have her name yet but we will keep you all posted.

Thanks to Aimee Crow from Paws and Claws Rescue for giving CC the heads up on these dogs. Rescue never works better….then when we work together.

A Very Special Gift!

Meet Abby and Ava Mitchell. These beautiful little girls are identical twins and they just turned 7. Mom Angie brought them to meet Swayze and they told us something very heartwarming. Rather than receiving presents for their birthday, they asked for money which they donated to help animals like Swayze through Critter Crusaders. Wow! We are very moved by their act of love and kindness for homeless pets in the community. Mom Angie and dad Jeff are so very proud of their little twins. They should be.

Thank you so much Ava and Abby, from all of your friends at Critter Crusaders and the animals that you have helped with your generosity.
Happy Birthday girls!

OUR MISSION “Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids exists to provide and guide lifesaving advanced medical care for homeless or stray animals. We offer this service to shelters and rescues in the area to reduce euthanasia numbers and restore broken lives.”

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Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.

Critter Crusaders would like to thank our friends at New Pioneer Coop for donating a whopping $2,300 to help pets within our medical system!  These great folks did an October Register Roundup for CC and the results surprised everyone!  One of the highest totals for a charity roundup!  We can’t thank them  and their great customers enough!  CC has multiple big cases and this has made a  tough financial road easier!  THANK YOU on behalf of the homeless pets that we serve.

Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids

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