Just when you think you’ve seen it all in veterinary medicine, you quickly realize you haven’t. Critter Crusaders accepted Frankie’s emergency admission on Thursday 3/23/17. His case would test us and our partner veterinary specialists.

Frankie is a 10-month-old Golden Doodle who was injured when he jumped off a counter after a bath in February. He landed hard on the floor, suffering a fractured leg.  His family had the leg splinted, but they had no idea of the internal damage that had also occurred. Within a month, it became clear that something was very wrong. Bloated and completely unable to urinate Frankie was taken to EIVSC.  It was discovered that Frankie had fractured his penile bone which caused gradual displacement of his urethra. This was a true life-threatening emergency that would become very costly.  Facing thousands of dollars in veterinary bills, the family decided not to euthanize Frankie, but to surrender him so he could receive the care he so desperately needed. This was a true act of selflessness and love.

Critter Crusaders transferred Frankie to Des Moines’ IVRC that evening for specialized surgery that would save his life. The next morning he was taken into surgery where the extent of his injuries were discovered. After the fall, caustic urine had begun to back up, causing tissue to become inflamed and die. The damage was irreversible. The surgeon, Dr. Chad Spah, was forced to do a complete penile amputation. All the dead tissue had to be removed and a new opening created for urine to be excreted. This surgery is highly technical. Think of it as a drainage channel for a downspout. Frankie’s fractured leg was also re-splinted for better healing.

Many people came together for the love of a puppy.  We thank IDOGS Rescue and Frankie’s former owners for teaming with Critter Crusaders to give this young dog his best chance at life!  We ask for your support as we continue to bring specialized care to Frankie as he heals, knowing that complications are always on the fringe of any highly technical surgery.

Critter Crusaders depends totally on donations to help our homeless animal friends with their medical needs. No donation is too small! 100% of the donations we receive go directly to animal care. If donations surpass our costs, the funds will be used to help other homeless animals in need. We are forever grateful to all of our supporters!

Please donate and follow Frankie’s story at

We are Team Frankie!

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