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One very special moment in the life of foster mom…
Tagini was feral when she was struck by a car. After surgery through CC, Tag was placed at Fur Fun Rescue and into the home of Alison and Travis.There just aren’t enough words to express what a foster mom or dad means to a homeless pet. Many times these animals have been discarded, neglected, sick, injured or abused.

They each have a story to tell and it’s the foster family who unravels it bit by bit. Fostering is by far the most altruistic, hard earned link in the entire rescue chain. It’s where the most incredible things can happen. Over the past two months as Tag recovered from surgery, she avoided eye contact, affection and any type of attention…until last week. The photo tells the whole story. A giant breakthrough and a few extraordinary moments captured in the life of a little dog who did not trust people. We say Thank You to all foster parents and wish you each a moment of sheer joy like Alison’s. It is so worth the effort!


Thanks to HEART Rescue, Clyde…aka Dude, had surgery through Critter Crusaders for a bowel obstruction that would have proven fatal! He is fully recovered and doing fantastic!



Tagini came to us through Fur Fun Rescue. She was hit by a vehicle and had surgery for a broken forelimb. It was later discovered that the impact of the vehicle had also caused a tear in her pericardium, the protective sack around the heart.  This diagnosis changed her simple case into a complex one. But we won’t give up on this little girl! It’s complex cases like this that require us to constantly fund raise to meet the overwhelming needs of the animals we serve.



Zeb is a VERY SPECIAL CC Alumi! His pelvis was crushed after being struck at high speed and thrown into a ditch to die. Fate stepped in when Spencer Garlinghouse saw Zeb’s head poking out of the ditch as he drove by. Spence contacted Critter Crusaders and with some coaching, rescued Zeb. From there, Zeb’s story of survival spanned over 7 months and a huge surgery to piece him back together. Today, Zeb is very happily adopted. He can run and play like a normal dog. As you can see by his picture, he is also spoiled like every pet should be!



Meet Rebel, from Cedar Valley Put Bull Rescue. Rebel is a 2 year old female Boxer with a very dramatic case of heart-worms. This disease places her  into a potentially high risk category for treatment. She will need everyone to send their good thoughts to her. We gotcha Rebel girl! No worries!


Max came from our friends at Cedar Valley Humane Society who brought him to Iowa from Tennessee. He was in bad condition when he arrived. Max has been diagnosed with Aspergillosis, a fungal infection not common to Iowa. Once diagnosed, the treatment is very complex and expensive so CVHS asked for our assistance and it has been nothing but a pleasure!


We heard about Merci from Agape Animal Rescue. She had a foreign body obstruction and received life saving surgery through the help of Critter Crusaders. She is doing GREAT! Just need to get some weight back on her. 


Lola is a 7-month-old Cocker Spaniel mix who was placed with Fur Fun Rescue then later diagnosed with Intussusception, a condition that is horribly painful and fatal if untreated. It’s an abnormality of the intestines causing them to inflame and “telescope” out of their natural position. Telescoping can cause complete intestinal obstruction and necrosis or death of healthy intestine. Weighing only 8lbs, Lola is extremely malnourished, and unable to eat or process food effectively.

Lola received emergency surgery at IVRC in Des Moines. Dr. Brent Reimer, performed the surgery and removed approximately 20 centimeters of small bowel. She’s an extremely ill puppy and remains at risk for complications including infections.

Critter Crusaders is asking for your financial support as we fight like crazy to save this little girl’s life. For updates on Lola’s journey, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/alifenearlylostlolasstory.

Thank you all!

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