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This Saturday December 16th 

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The Journey for Justice – An Unbelievable Story (Please Help)

This is a gripping story of Justice who sustained life-threatening injuries after getting her leg caught in a trap and how this sweet, brave kitty attempted to save herself!
Critter Crusaders is fighting to save her life and her leg!  Please help share Journey’s story with other animal lovers and consider making a donation to help pay for the extensive medical care she needs.
Justice and Critter Crusaders Thank You!
DeAnn Brannaman

In Loving Memory

On Thursday, November 9th Critter Crusaders suffered a devastating loss to our organization. Tina MacNaughton, suddenly passed away at age 44 from complications of cancer treatment. Her commitment to Critter Crusaders and the animal rescue world was amazing. Her death has left a hole in our hearts and in the animal rescue community. One that we will never be able to fill.

Tina became a volunteer with us in 2011. She served as Board Secretary from 2012- 2016 and organized multiple fund raisers over the years with the last one on August 5, 2017. She fostered multiple medically challenged dogs and several litters of kittens totaling 29 animals. The animals with medical conditions received their care through Critter Crusaders. Tina worked tirelessly caring for these medically challenged animals who suffered from conditions including cancer, meningitis, recovering from various surgeries, seizures, Cushing’s disease and blindness, until they were adopted. In usual Tina fashion, she did adopt two of the dogs herself.

Most of the animals she fostered came from Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control. She began volunteering there in 2011. She recorded 4,264 hours of volunteer service which included organizing pet adoption events, animal transports for the shelter, adoption outreach events, was a volunteer orientation dog team member and helped at many fund-raising events.

In April 2013 Tina began transporting homeless dogs for PAWS – Pushin’ Another Waggin’ To Safety. Doing 18 transports until her last trip on Sept. 23, 2017, she saved the lives of 195 dogs and puppies transporting them over 2,213 miles to safe rescues and shelters. Sometimes driving two or three legs of the journey when no one else was available.

In July 2014, Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the diagnosis, she didn’t slow down with the animal rescue work that was so important to her. She had courage and strength like no other, fighting the whole way, never feeling sorry for herself, never giving up, and always putting the needs of animals and humans ahead of her own. She saved the lives of hundreds of animals and inspired many during her lifetime. Tina’s last foster dog, Heike has since been adopted to his forever home.

Our hearts are broken with the loss of a friend and fellow volunteer. We take comfort in the knowledge that she awaits at the Rainbow Bridge for those pets we are unable to save. God speed Tina.




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Thanks to Farmers State Bank and The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Critter Crusaders has again been invited to participate in this wonderful program for 2018! Through this program non-profit organizations can earn funds to advertise in the Gazette. We never use donor funds to advertise which makes this program so important to us. Without it our ability to advertise would be limited, based on what we could pay for out of our own pockets. Last year your votes earned us over $27,000 in FREE advertising for 2017!

Voting starts Nov. 13. Here’s how it works:

Between November 10-13, all Gazette subscribers will receive a postcard with instructions in the mail along with the amount they have to allocate and their voting/subscriber ID. Beginning November 12, more information and instructions can be found online at www.thegazette.com/givesback.

Non-subscribers will have the opportunity to cast a $5 vote by signing up for The Gazette e-newsletter. This option will be available at Festival of Trees and on the Gazette Gives Back website.


Featured Stories

Bishop Before

This was Bishop’s life before he came to Cedar Valley Humane Society. Thick mats of hair trapped him in his own body, tugging and pulling on his skin in a devilish web of pain. It’s hard to imagine how he could walk, move, urinate, or even see. Sickening and sad but this was his reality. Circumstances that trap animals in a spiral of inhumanity is not uncommon in the Eastern Iowa area. Luckily for Bishop, he landed in the right place! CVHS contacted us to assist with his medical issues.

Bishop After

Bishop had surgery July 5th for a patella luxation at Frey Pet Hospital. Once this knee is healed it’s onto his next one! CC wants to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our donors and supporters. None of this would be possible without you. Bishop also says Pooches Gracias!


Zeke was struck by a vehicle and sustained injuries that included his left eye and a badly fractured humerus that will require surgery. The break is very close to the elbow joint so he will most likely need an external fixation and several months to heal. Fur Fun Rescue will care for Zeke during his recovery. We’ve got ya covered big boy!


Hope was gravely injured as a 4 month old puppy. A victim of suspected abuse which left her with two fractured hips, a fractured femur, damaged eye, multiple surgeries and months of recovery.

She is pictured here as takes her last few paddles in the therapy pool at ISU’s Lloyds Small Animal Hospital. It has been our good fortune to be on this amazing journey with her. Hope has been an inspiration to SO many! She is a survivor of epic proportions and holds no grudges of her past!  What a girl! Nothing but love and respect for her



We LOVE the name for this tiny kitten!. This baby was a hot little mess but thanks to the care from the great folks at the Anamosa Vet Clinic and to our friends at Gems Forever for fostering this little cutie, Mr. Mouse not only has a new name, but an entirely new life! Kristen Shook, a vet tech at Anamosa will be a great foster mom and gave this tiny tyke a memorable name!


Our medical miracle Lilly Rose is now 3 years old! When she was 3 months of age she was diagnosed with 4 different defects in her tiny little heart! Puppies generally die before their first birthday with this condition. When Lilly Rose came to Critter Crusaders for treatment, we set out on a mission to save her life. Her journey led us to Colorado State University, one of the world leaders in animal heart surgery. Lilly has had two ground breaking heart surgeries which will help many other dogs. Quite a legacy for one little beagle! CSU will continue to follow Lilly her entire life. Lilly Rose now enjoys a normal, healthy life with only two medications. You are a true gift to the many people who love you. Happy 3rd Birthday Girl!


Little kitten Bert came to us through Last Hope. He has been diagnosed with an injury to his brachial plexus which is a bundle of nerves around the shoulders and neck. Because of this injury, he has limited use of his front limbs. But that doesn’t slow him down! We think he’s pretty darn cute!



What an life of adventure Larry has had! From emaciation, paralysis and surviving against all odds, he has a functional life on all 4 paws! This kitty continues to beat the odds!

Larry has been a little Critter Crusaders medical project from the start! Larry recently gave us quite a scare. He was vomiting after every meal! After spending 3 days in the hospital, filled with barium studies and x-rays, no obstruction or ongoing issue was found! Whew! After his last set of x-rays, while still under sedation it was decided not to waste an anesthesia and have him neutered! As you can guess, when we picked Larry up to return him to his foster home, he looked upset! Poor boy! Came in for a bowel obstruction and left neutered!


OUR MISSION “Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids exists to provide and guide lifesaving advanced medical care for homeless or stray animals. We offer this service to shelters and rescues in the area to reduce euthanasia numbers and restore broken lives.”

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