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Nix’s Story

Critter Crusaders can’t catch a break. We have yet another puppy fighting for her life at the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center. Nix is five month old who has been in foster for two and a half months in the home with no issues. Suddenly on March 4th she was suddenly attacked by another dog in the home!

The pictures are too shocking to publish on this website. To view the pictures and read more of her story, click on the GoFundMe link below. Please help by making a donation and sharing this GoFundMe campaign with others. https://www.gofundme.com/a-fighting-chance-save-puppy-nix

Thank you to all our volunteers, sponsors and guests for making this the best Mardi Growl & Meow Ever!!


To Know Loss
This is one of the toughest posts that we have ever had to write. The little Lone Survivor, Saige, our burn puppy died January 11th. Late in the evening of January 10th, Saige‘s skin started to slough. At that time, Dr. Roa had no idea of the extent. Until this sloughing occurs, there is no way to determine the extent of the damage. It is important for you all to know that with her skin still intact, Saige was very comfortable and not suffering. She gave kisses, barked and played with the staff. They adored her. We were all waiting for the burns to mature and when they finally did….it changed our world.

Five days after being admitted to EIVSC, things changed dramatically. The sloughing had continued through the night and the vast majority of Saige’s skin on the right side of her body was gone. The skin on her eyelid, tail, genitals, all four feet, head, neck and more continued to shed, creating a giant open wound that encompassed over half of her body. After much discussion with Dr. Aper, Last Hope Rescue and our CC board it was determined that there was no way to close a burn that involved that much of her little body. We could have put this puppy through months of treatment and severe pain only to lose her to infection, or multiple amputations. We could not put Saige through this pain when her injuries were too extensive.

We called Alex and Terry Andersen, the family who was so gravely affected by this devastating fire. Although they had surrendered Saige, we had remained in contact with them since that night. Alex met me at EIVSC and we spent time with Saige. Alex was able to talk to her and kiss her. She told Saige what a great mom and dad she had. What wonderful dogs they all were and how much they were loved and missed. How Saige was named after her momma who heroically got her out of the fire. Alex told her that she loved her and then with much heartache and love, we sent little Saige back to her family.

Baby Saige belonged to each one of us. She belonged to thousands of people, from all different states and walks of life. She belonged to the Andersen family and their children, the firefighters who rescued her, Rod from Animal Control who transported Saige and her dad to EIVSC. The doctors, techs, a multitude of rescue organizations and well wishers. She was our puppy. A collective group of wonderful, caring people who wanted to see her healthy and vibrant. The way all puppies should be. We have a choice. We can use these heartbreaks as a means to avoid more sadness in the future…to back away and protect ourselves from further pain, or we can embrace them knowing that we sometimes lose the battle but the love we have for these animals far exceeds the thought of ever giving up. Let little Saige be our inspiration and hope for the next baby that come our way. She would want that️

Saving Elliott – A Struggle for Life


Yet another very difficult post so early in 2018. Elliott passed away after a monumental effort that started with Critter Crusaders on Dec. 29th at Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center. Elliott was from our great friends at SAINTS Cat Rescue and he struggled for almost 2 months to survive diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetes and pancreatitis. His journey with us started in Cedar Rapids and ended at UW Madison Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. 

Elliott’s wonderful foster mom Trish Ringold gave him everything. She was so attentive to his medical and emotional needs and we know this is a huge loss for her. This one kitty was a true keeper. He had an incredible personality, an intense love of love, and the ability to purr his way through this illness enjoying each moment spent with Trish despite his challenges. Oh how we wish it would have been different. Thank you all for your donations, love and support of Elliott. We enter into these cases with open hearts and we fall in love with each and every pet. They all deserve their brass ring. We remember them all and never forget them. Thank you for taking these leaps of pure faith with us. Some we win and others not, but it’s more about the journey along the way. Elliott is now surrounded by love and light. Bless his sweet, gentle soul.

Puppy Poseidon And The Christmas Miracle!

Critter Crusaders desperately needs everyone’s help to spread the story about Poseidon.

On Saturday December 23rd, we received an urgent call to help a young 8-month-old Pittie puppy who was almost killed after being attacked by another dog. His initial care was provided at a local vet clinic, but it quickly became clear that he needed critical care and an immediate transfer to Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center. His life was in the balance and once admitted it would prove to be an epic minute-by-minute battle for survival. On Christmas day Poseidon’s condition took a miraculous turn when he began showing signs of improvement. Click here for the full story.

Poseidon’s struggle is not yet over. He has a long road to recovery. Please consider donating to his care and share this story far and wide!

Please Donate

The Journey for Justice – An Unbelievable Story (Please Help)

This is a gripping story of Justice who sustained life-threatening injuries after getting her leg caught in a trap and how this sweet, brave kitty attempted to save herself!
Critter Crusaders is fighting to save her life and her leg!  Please help share Journey’s story with other animal lovers and consider making a donation to help pay for the extensive medical care she needs.
Justice and Critter Crusaders Thank You!
DeAnn Brannaman

In Loving Memory

On Thursday, November 9th Critter Crusaders suffered a devastating loss to our organization. Tina MacNaughton, suddenly passed away at age 44 from complications of cancer treatment. Her commitment to Critter Crusaders and the animal rescue world was amazing. Her death has left a hole in our hearts and in the animal rescue community. One that we will never be able to fill.

Tina became a volunteer with us in 2011. She served as Board Secretary from 2012- 2016 and organized multiple fund raisers over the years with the last one on August 5, 2017. She fostered multiple medically challenged dogs and several litters of kittens totaling 29 animals. The animals with medical conditions received their care through Critter Crusaders. Tina worked tirelessly caring for these medically challenged animals who suffered from conditions including cancer, meningitis, recovering from various surgeries, seizures, Cushing’s disease and blindness, until they were adopted. In usual Tina fashion, she did adopt two of the dogs herself.

Most of the animals she fostered came from Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control. She began volunteering there in 2011. She recorded 4,264 hours of volunteer service which included organizing pet adoption events, animal transports for the shelter, adoption outreach events, was a volunteer orientation dog team member and helped at many fund-raising events.

In April 2013 Tina began transporting homeless dogs for PAWS – Pushin’ Another Waggin’ To Safety. Doing 18 transports until her last trip on Sept. 23, 2017, she saved the lives of 195 dogs and puppies transporting them over 2,213 miles to safe rescues and shelters. Sometimes driving two or three legs of the journey when no one else was available.

In July 2014, Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the diagnosis, she didn’t slow down with the animal rescue work that was so important to her. She had courage and strength like no other, fighting the whole way, never feeling sorry for herself, never giving up, and always putting the needs of animals and humans ahead of her own. She saved the lives of hundreds of animals and inspired many during her lifetime. Tina’s last foster dog, Heike has since been adopted to his forever home.

Our hearts are broken with the loss of a friend and fellow volunteer. We take comfort in the knowledge that she awaits at the Rainbow Bridge for those pets we are unable to save. God speed Tina.

OUR MISSION “Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids exists to provide and guide lifesaving advanced medical care for homeless or stray animals. We offer this service to shelters and rescues in the area to reduce euthanasia numbers and restore broken lives.”

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